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Brothers of Darkness

brothers of darkness

Brothers of Darkness
by Pellarne Assi
A brief history of the Dark Brotherhood

Risking life and limb to bring you this account, Pellarne Assi peels back the not so shrouded veil that surrounds the assassin guild known as the Dark Brotherhood. Any Dragonborn who rises too high in Skyrim would do well to look over their shoulder from time to time, and regardless of their station, be wary of earning the hatred of these servants of the Night Mother.

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)


Known locations:

Valtheim Towers, boss chest.

Aboard the Katariah, on the Emperor’s desk.

On a shelf in Castle Volkihar (Dawnguard DLC required)

Ahzirr Traajijazeri

Akzirr Trajijazeri

Ahzirr Traajijazeri
by Anonymous
The public manifesto of the Khajiit organization Renrijra Krin

While ostensibly a short description of the goals and practices of the Renrijra Krin, the keen minded Dragonborn will also find much insight into the inner workings of the Khajiiti themselves by taking the time to peruse this tome.

Reading by Space Marine Tabard (@tabard)


The Bear of Markarth

the bear of markarth

The Bear of Markarth
by Arrianus Arius, Imperial Scholar
An account of Ulfric Stormcloak’s short-lived independent reign over the Reach.

There’s more to Ulfric Stormcloak’s story than what you’ve heard from the bards while warming yourself by a tavern fire, my Dragonborn friend. In this tell all expose, Arrianus Arius goes deep into the events at Markarth and uncovers the gripping true story of just exactly what kind of man Ulfric Stormcloak really was!

Reading by J. Juteshire (@Juteshire)


Known locations throughout Skyrim:

Can be bought from Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum.
Bards College, Solitude; on a table.
Two copies can be found at Bloodlet Throne.
Castle Dour Dungeon, in Castle Dour, Solitude, on a table inside Bjartur’s cell.
Dragonsreach, Whiterun, in Farengar Secret-Fire’s library.
Fellglow Keep Dungeons.
Hob’s Fall Cave; on a bookshelf.
Honorhall Orphanage, under another book in a bedroom.
House of Clan Battle-Born – Eastern bedroom.
Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, Whiterun.
Moorside Inn in Morthal.
Nightgate Inn, next to several other books.

Pension of the Ancestor Moth

Pension of the ancestor moth

Pension of the Ancestor Moth
A Temple novice’s initiatory pamphlet on the Order of the Ancestor Moth

A recruitment document circulated by The Order of the Ancestor Moth, promising the potential new member such wonderful opportunities as mastering vaguely described fighting techniques, reading magical objects until you go blind, and living out your dying days singing to butterflies.

Any Dragonborn who does not cast this handbill aside immediately will at least be rewarded with a greater understanding of how the Elder Scrolls are researched, and the lives of those who do so.

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)


Known locations include:

College of Winterhold, Arcanaeum, on a ledge
Faendal’s House, on the cupboard next to the door
Jorrvaskr Living Quarters, on a shelf at the end of the hall
Nepos’ House, on a column in one of the bedrooms
Alva’s House
Angeline’s Aromatics
Arcadia’s Cauldron
Bards College (2 copies can be found)
Blue Palace
Castle Dour
Dragonsreach Jarl’s Quarters (2 copies available here)
Jorrvaskr Living Quarters
Septimus Signus’s Outpost
Temple of Dibella, Inner Sanctum
Volkihar Keep (Dawnguard DLC required)

Effects of the Elder Scrolls

effects of elder scrolls

Effects of the Elder Scrolls
by Justinius Poluhnius
A thesis on the four different types of readers of the Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls are artifacts of unknown origin and quantity, being simultaneously archives of historic, past and future events. The prophecies of the Elder Scrolls and the Heroes are interdependent; one cannot exist without the other. They are also known as the Aedric Prophecies, suggesting that they may have been created by the Aedra. Without technological aid, Elder Scrolls cannot be read without extreme side-effects, among which are blindness and insanity.
Generally regarded as sacred, and narrowly viewed with skepticism, the scrolls are infamously associated with bizarre acts of magical or abnormal force. More commonly, the Scrolls are renowned for their impeccable prophecies, ranging from the return of Alduin to the Tyranny of the Sun.

While the Dragonborn may be keen to gain access to such powerful items for the knowledge they possess, they would be wise to heed the warnings of Justinius before unfurling the scroll.

Reading by Rio, whose other works can be found on Youtube


Known locations include:

Can be bought from (or received by) Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum.

Boneyard, in the Soul Cairn – It is one of very few books here. (Requires Dawnguard DLC)

Septimus Signus’s Outpost

Sky Haven Temple, on a bookshelf near a table on the right side of the main chamber

Of Crossed Daggers

Of Crossed Daggers

Of Crossed Daggers
by Dwennon Wyndell
The story of Riften’s fall from grace

Have you ever wondered why Riften is such a hole these days? It wasn’t always so. Residents of this once proud and bustling city trace their fall from grace back to the avaricious rule of one Jarl Hosgunn Crossed-Daggers. This is the story of their downfall.

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)


This unfortunate tale of Riften’s decline can be found many places in Skyrim:

Angeline’s Aromatics, Solitude, on a low table in one of the bedrooms.
Can be bought from Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum.
Bards College, Solitude; On one of the tables in the library area. Another copy is upstairs, on a bookshelf.
The Bee and Barb, Riften.
Blue Palace in Solitude.
Castle Dour, Solitude, on a bookshelf.
Castle Volkihar, on a shelf. (if Dawnguard DLC is installed)
Carlotta Valentia’s House, Whiterun, on a high shelf between a bowl and a goblet.
Dragon Bridge Lumber Camp, on a shelf in the basement.
Dragonsreach Jarl’s Quarters, Whiterun, on a bookshelf in one of the bedrooms.
Hlaalu Farm
Jorrvaskr, Whiterun, on a bookshelf in the Living Quarters.
Mistveil Keep, on a table next to the throne.
Riften Jail; on a top shelf in Sibbi Black-Briar’s jail cell.
Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.
Uttering Hills Cave, inside Linwe’s bedroom.

The Book Of Daedra


Excerpts from a lengthy tome describing the nature of each of the Daedra

It would be wise of the Dragonborn to take note of, and perhaps devote some measure of study to, the powerful beings that may be encountered in Skyrim. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say, and one imagines that it is never desirable to meet a mighty Daedra unprepared. Let this tome serve as a primer, and a warning. Furthermore, it hints at the existence of a powerful weapon, known as Scourge, that may prove useful to the Dragonborn if it can be found.

Reading by Galev (@galev_ph)


This insightful text can be found in numerous places throughout Skyrim. Known locations include:

Arcadia’s Cauldron, Whiterun, on a bookshelf in a room on the first floor.
The Arcanaeum, in the bookshelf closest to the door.
Atheron Residence, Windhelm, atop a dresser.
Bards College, Solitude, on a bookshelf in one of the bedrooms on the middle floor.
Blacksmith Quarters, Windhelm, on a bookshelf.
Bloodlet Throne, on a shelf with two other books.
Blue Palace, in Solitude.
Castle Volkihar, on a shelf
Deepwood Redoubt, on a table.
Dragonsreach, in Whiterun, in the Jarl’s Quarters, on a bookshelf.
Falkreath Watchtower.
The Frozen Hearth, Winterhold (Two copies are available)
Haemar’s Cavern, on a bookshelf in the largest room.
Hob’s Fall Cave, two copies are available, respectively on and near a necromancer’s desk.
House of Clan Battle-Born, Whiterun, in a locked room in the western bedroom.
House Gray-Mane, Whiterun, on a bookshelf on the upper floor.
Nightcaller Temple, on a shelf in the library.
Viola Giordano’s House, Windhelm, lying on a low table, on the second floor, next to the staircase.
The Winking Skeever, Solitude.

Beggar Prince

beggar prince

The story of Wheedle and his gifts from the Daedric Lord Namira

It is often said that we must be careful what we wish for. This is never more true than when one is dealing with the Daedra. This tome is a telling of Wheedle’s encounter with Namira, and the so called blessings received as a result. While a compelling tale on its own, the Dragonborn would be wise to absorb the greater lesson it teaches of discretion when in the company of beggars.

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)


Wheedle’s tale can be found in many places in Skyrim. Known locations include:

Bards College, Solitude, on a shelf on the upper floor.
Belethor’s General Goods, Whiterun. Belethor sometimes has it for sale in his shop. There is also a copy on a shelf behind him.
Bits and Pieces, Solitude, on a bookshelf behind the counter. Sometimes sold by Sayma in the shop.
Blacksmith Quarters, Windhelm, on a bookshelf.
Breezehome, Whiterun, on the end table in the bedroom after purchasing the bedroom furnishings.
Broken Oar Grotto, on a table.
Chillfurrow Farm
Clan Shatter-Shield Office, Windhelm, on a bookshelf at the far end of the room.
Dragonsreach in Whiterun. Also in the Jarl’s Quarters.
Faldar’s Tooth, in the hallway after the dining area and the sleeping quarters, in the toilet room.
The Frozen Hearth in Winterhold.
Guard Barracks, Whiterun, under one of the beds.
Hall of the Dead, Whiterun, on the bookshelf in Andurs’ room.
Hob’s Fall Cave, on a bookshelf.
Honningbrew Meadery, in the upstairs bookshelves behind an Adept-level locked door.
Jorrvaskr, Whiterun, on a bookshelf.
Palace of the Kings, in Ulfric Stormcloak’s room.
Sadri’s Used Wares, Windhelm, on the counter.
Temple of Kynareth, on a bookshelf.
Vittoria Vici’s House, Solitude, on a bookshelf.

The Aetherium Wars


The Aetherium Wars

by Taron Dreth

A treatise on the collapse of Dwemer city-states in Skyrim

This book discusses the magical material known as Aetherium, and the conflict it caused between four Dwemer city-states in the First Era. Reading this book starts the miscellaneous quest, Investigate the Ruins of Arkngthamz, which then leads to the quest Lost to the Ages.

Read by Galev (@galev_ph)


This book is added to the game by the Dawnguard DLC. It can be found in a vast number of places throughout the game world. Known locations include:

Arcanaeum, in the southeastern part of the room, resting on a table.
Bards College, after the right turn from the entrance, on a small bookcase.
Calcelmo’s Tower, on a dwarven shelf in the uppermost room with rubbings.
Darklight Tower, before the hagraven, in the room with the lever, on a cupboard’s shelf.
Dayspring Canyon, on top of a barrel in a tent of the camp outside Fort Dawnguard (only if the camp exists).
Dead Drop Mine, on a shelf under a wooden platform.
Dragonsreach, in Farengar’s study, resting on the lowest shelf of the left bookcase.
Dwemer Museum, on a table in the southwestern corner, near a Dwemer ballista.
Fellglow Keep, on one of the bookshelves surrounding the library.
Fort Dawnguard, on the ground floor: 1) On a shelf in the farthest room to your left as you enter. 2) On the bottom most shelf of a case in the farthest room in front of the main entrance.
Fort Neugrad, on a bookshelf in the circular room accessed by heading south through the wooden door in front of the main entrance.
Fort Snowhawk, on a bookshelf in the room west of the back entrance.
Hall of the Vigilant, on the floor of the ruined hall.
Hob’s Fall Cave, on a bookshelf in the ritual room.
Ilinalta’s Deep, on the bottom most shelf in a corner of the room with the only arcane enchanter.
Palace of the Kings Upstairs, on a shelf in Wuunferth’s laboratory.
Raldbthar, on a stone table in the room accessed by turning left (where the path divides in two) from the entrance.
Rannveig’s Fast, in the room with Sild the Warlock, on the middle shelf of a bookcase.
Redwater Den, in the cave area past the corridor with booths, on a wooden crate near the forge.
Ruunvald Temple, at the end of the dungeon, on a table in the room with the boss chest, next to an alchemy lab.
Volkihar Keep. 1) On a table in the blacksmith’s workroom. 2)On a small round table on the balcony extending from the upper level of the library to the dining hall.
Volkihar Undercroft, on a table in the room with the lever that lowers the first bridge, next to a coffin.

Chaurus Pie: A Recipe

chaurus pie

Chaurus Pie: A Recipe

by Nils

A recipe for a pie from chaurus meat

As we all know, eating is an essential activity in Skyrim. So much so that time itself will stop for you, no matter what dangers you may be facing, just to ensure the Dragonborn is getting the proper nutrition. It doesn’t have to be all cheese wheels and vegetable stews though. Spice up your daily regimen with this most excellent pie recipe by our salt-of-the-earth Nord cook , Nils. Just don’t get killed hunting for the ingredients…

This recipe book can be found in Endon’s House, on a shelf to the right after entering.

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)


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