2920, The Last Year of the First Era

Sun’s Dawn
by Carlovac Townway
Volume 2 of a historical series about Vivec and the Empire

 We meet Sotha Sil, great mage and instructor to new students on the isle of Artaeum. Emperor Reman III sinks deeper into his paranoia about spies in his ranks. We learn of the near madness of the Khajitti King Dro’Zel. A small boy in the town of Gilverdale is the first to notice the appearance of the mighty Deadra Lord Molag Bal. All does not look promising. A keen reading by the Dragonborn will reward them with greater skill in the arts of Illusion magic.

Reading by Shaun Roland (@ShaunzyBombzy)

Shaun Roland is a musician, voice actor and one of the hosts of the Youtube channel The Bombshell Brothers. To learn more about his excellent work, feel free to connect with him on Twitter, or follow him on his Facebook page.


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