2920, The Last Year of the First Era

Second Seed
by Carlovac Townway

Volume 5 of a historical series about Vivec and the Empire

 In this month of 2920, the Emperor’s paranoia continues to grow, and we readers are given ample reason to believe him. The plots of Empress Tavia begin to tighten around the Emperor as he continues his struggles in Morrowind. The ability to beguile with language is key to a good scheme, and the attentive Dragonborn will learn valuable lessons in Speech by reading this book.

Reading by Shaun Roland (@ShaunzyBombzy)

Shaun Roland is a musician, voice actor and one of the hosts of the Youtube channel The Bombshell Brothers. To learn more about his excellent work, feel free to connect with him on Twitter, or follow him on his Facebook page.

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