gentlemans guide to whiterun

A bard’s description of life in the city of Whiterun

Written by Mikael the Bard, a clearly lusty fellow, this tome is ostensibly a guide to prominent locations in Whiterun. Mikael takes some pleasure in discussing the notable women in the city, and offers the potential lover some keen advice on how to proceed with each lady. It is no doubt a popular tome, judging by the numerous copies scattered about Skyrim.

Found in the following locations:
Abandoned Lodge, sitting on the table to the right as you enter
Alvor and Sigrid’s House, on a small square table near the beds
Arcanaeum (College of Winterhold), one in a stack on the floor, and one on a round table
Bards College, on a shelf in an upstairs lecture area
Blue Palace, on a shelf in Falk Firebeard’s room
Braidwood Inn, on the table in Dravynea the Stoneweaver’s room
Carlotta Valentia’s House, on a bench near the stairs
Hlaalu Farm, on a shelf of the cupboard next to the fireplace
House of Clan Battle-Born, on a sideboard near the main dining table
Klimmek’s House, on the bottom of a set of shelves between the wardrobe and dining table
Loreius Farm, on the bottom of a set of shelves next to the door
Merryfair Farm, on a dresser near the double bed downstairs
Nightgate Inn, one atop a wardrobe in Hadring’s room, another atop a dresser in another bedroom
Ratway Warrens, on a small shelf in Esbern’s room
Riften Stables, on a wall shelf in the bedroom
Understone Keep, on the dresser near Anton Virane’s bed
Ysolda’s House, on a small round table in the bedroom
Unmarked location east-northeast of Broken Tower Redoubt, scattered amongst other books near a broken cart (map)
Bryling’s House
Vittoria Vici’s House

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)