Galerion the Mystic

Galerion The Mystic
by Asgrim Kolsgreg
A biography of Galerion, a Psijic who founded the Mages Guild

Vanus Galerion, born as Trechtus, was an Altmer mage of the Psijic Order during the Second Era. He founded the Mages Guild in response of the growing influence of the necromancer Mannimarco on the continent of Tamriel and the failure of his former Order to act against the threat. He and his followers eventually defeated Mannimarco’s necromancer army. Galerion died in this last great battle.

This book is the tale of his beginnings. From learning literacy behind the back of a tyrannical lord, to encountering those that would eventually lead him to the Psijic Order.

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)


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