Night of Tears

Night of Tears
by Dranor Seleth
An inquiry into the cause of the Night of Tears

The Atmorans were among the first organized human settlers on Tamriel and had been emigrating from Atmora for many years prior. They called the land Mereth, in recognition of the vast number of Mer that lived there, and befriended the local Snow Elves. They built the great city of Saarthal, the first major Atmoran settlement in Skyrim as well as the first city of Men in the continent of Tamriel. One night, an invading force of Snow Elves descended upon Saarthal and slaughtered the inhabitants. The city itself was burned to the ground. These events became known as the Night of Tears. This tome seeks to understand both the causes and consequences of this event.

Reading by Joe Liljedahl (@jsl70).

Joe is one of the co-hosts of Character Crusade’s Skyrim Roleplay Podcast. This is an excellent show that focuses on Skyrim’s potential for emergent storytelling. The show can be found at the Character Crusade website, on their Youtube channel, and subscribed to on iTunes.


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