on the great collapse

On the Great Collapse
by Arch-Mage Deneth
A letter from the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold to the Jarl following the Great Collapse.

The Great Collapse was a major disaster in the city of Winterhold in 4E 122. Shortly before the collapse, the Sea of Ghosts came alive as monstrous waves battered the city, destroying entire districts. When the city collapsed into the sea, most of it was lost, save for the Jarl’s longhouse, a few surrounding houses, and the College of Winterhold, which was allegedly protected by magical means. This lead some Nords to suspect the College could have either been involved in the disaster or could have prevented it. Arch-Deneth pens this letter to Jarl Valdimar, carefully reminding him of the long standing relationship between the College and Winterhold, as a response to this discontent among the people.

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Known Locations

Dwemer Museum in Markarth
Grave Concoctions, Falkreath, under the counter.
Esbern’s Hideout in the Ratway Warrens (Riften)
Can be bought from Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum.