Response to Bero

Response to Bero’s Speech


Malviser, Battlemage

This tome is a pointed and often scathing reply by Malviser to a rather ill informed and dismissive speech made by the illusionist Berevar Bero on the 14th of Last Seed. Many readers may enjoy it simply for its intellectual value, and perhaps the window it offers into the competition between the magical schools. However, the more magically inclined Dragonborn will find its commentary on the school of Destruction most enlightening.

The book can be acquired in a variety of ways throughout Skyrim.

Rewarded by Urag gro-Shub in The Arcanaeum after completion of the Hitting the Books quest.

Found at Haemar’s Cavern, on the desk of one of the Vampires.

Inside Iron Breaker Mine in the south-east corner of Dawnstar. Follow the tunnel to the first bedroll you come to. The book is on the barrel to the left as approaching from the entrance.

Thaumaturgist’s Hut, Morthal, in the basement. It is hidden on the very top of a shelf next to a Troll Skull.

Found at Witchmist Grove, under the bed in the witch’s house.

Reading by Galev (@galev_ph)