Skorm Snow Strider's Journal

Skorm Snow-Strider’s Journal
by Skorm Snow-Strider
The journal of a First Era Nordic commander and his encounter with the Dragon Cult

Skorm Snow-Strider was commander of a legion of Lord Harald’s soldiers in 1E 139. Around this time he was leading a campaign in the region near Lake Honrich, to drive the Snow Elves north to the main host of his forces. During his campaign, he inadvertently discovered a hidden stronghold of Dragon Cultists in the secluded monastery of Forelhost high in the Jerall Mountains. Deciding it was too big a threat to ignore, his men attempted a preemptive strike to deal with the cult quickly, but it failed and a siege ensued for several weeks.

This journal is strange in that it lists its dates as being in the first era (1E) despite having been written in that era. Further adding to the mystery of this item is that it is written on paper that would be several thousand years old by the time the Dragonborn reads it.

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