Skyrim's Rule

Skyrim’s Rule:
An Outsider’s View
by Abdul-Mujib Ababneh
A Redguard explains Skyrim’s political system

Considered backward and almost tribal by many, the political system in Skyrim is in fact quite nuanced. Traditional structures strive to maintain balance and peace among the Nords, and the province has integrated its own political system into that of the larger Empire. How stable this system proves to be in the face of the current crisis remains to be seen.

Reading by Matthew Kelly (@HighcroftComm)

Matthew Kelly is a voice actor and head of Highcroft Communications, where he provides a variety of audio services.

Skyrim fans will best know him as one of the members of the Character Crusade Roleplay podcast, and the voice behind their Fireside Stories audio book archives. Fireside is dedicated to publishing high quality readings of fan fiction created by the Skyrim community. To hear them, or to submit your own piece of fan fiction for consideration, head over to and check out their Fireside Stories archive.


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