The Betrayed

The Betrayed

Translated from the Falmer text by Calcelmo of Markarth

Originally titled Unknown Text Vol. 1

Written by Engwe Emeloth

This is one of the unique Ancient Falmer Tomes found in the Forgotten Vale.

The content of this book is written in the ancient Falmer Language. However a translated copy, called The Betrayed, can be obtained if it’s sold to Urag gro-Shub in the College of Winterhold.

The poem relates to the Snow Elves’ slow regression into the twisted Falmer. The title relates to what surviving Snow Elves call the modern Falmer.

This tome can be found by the Dragonborn in the Forgotten Vale. From the Wayshrine of Learning, go straight along the river past the arch seen and between the two broken pillars afterwards. Directly after going through the two pillars, a very tall pillar is visible behind some rocks. Next to this tall pillar there should be a chest, a skeleton, and Unknown Book, Vol. I next to the tallest pillar.

This book is also part of the quest Ancient Falmer Tomes.

Reading by Galev (@galev_ph)