The Fall of the Usurper
by Palaux Illthre
A speculative analysis as to the part played by Baron Othrok of Dwynnen in the downfall of the Camoran Usurper

The story of Baron Othrok’s divine mission to defeat the undead armies of Haymon Camoran. In the face of lethargy and inaction on the part of other rulers in High Rock, Othrok emerged from obscurity and took decisive action to defeat the Usurper. This hero of the Dwynnen people is celebrated each year.

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)


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Known Locations

This book does not appear in Skyrim. It is instead found in Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. It is included here because it was referred to in A Brief History of the Empire. We feel its inclusion in the archive neatly completes the events discussed in A Brief History.