The History of Raven Rock
Volume III
by Lyrin Telleno

A look at recent history in Raven Rock, coming to the present day.

Reading by Steve


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Known Locations

  • Raven Rock Temple – Downstairs in a bedroom on the right, at the bottom of a bookshelf on the right (along with Vol. I & II).
  • The Retching Netch – Downstairs on a bookshelf that is northwest of the bar (along with Vol. I & II).
  • Raven RockAlor House – Downstairs in the right-hand bedroom, on a bookshelf to the right (along with Vol. I & II).
  • Raven Rock, Morvayn Manor – On a stone shelf to the right of the throne (along with Vol. I & II).
  • Raven Rock, Caerellius House – On a stone shelf next to a table, to the left of the front door (along with Vol. I & II).