Uncommon Taste

Uncommon Taste
by The Gourmet
A recipe book, containing recipes of a Breton origin.

Breton celebrity chef The Gourmet is proud to present this sizzling new cook book for all your hunger needs! Renowned across Tamriel for his scrumptious offerings, this book will guide you in the creation of his signature dishes without ever leaving a bad taste in your mouth. To the kitchen!

Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd)



Found in the following locations:
Addvar’s House, on the ground floor, on a set of shelves beneath the stairs
Bards College, one on the nightstand next to Bendt’s bed, another on a shelf in Inge Six Fingers’ room
Belethor’s General Goods, on the main shop counter
Bloodlet Throne, on a shelf in the room with enemies sitting at a table
Bryling’s House, on a wardrobe in the first room of the house
Castle Dour, Emperor’s Tower, on a counter in the kitchen
The Dainty Sload, on a cupboard in the room with the captain’s chest
Dawnstar Barracks, downstairs on a shelf beneath the stairs
Dead Drop FallsDG, in the puzzle room with three pressure plates
Dragonsreach, one on a shelf in the upstairs strategy area, another on a shelf in Hrongar’s room in Dragonsreach Jarl’s Quarters
Driftshade Refuge, on a shelf with many burned and ruined books
Erikur’s House, on a wardrobe in Gisli’s room
More Locations [ Hide ]
Faldar’s Tooth, on the counter in the room next to where the cook’s journal is found
Fort Greenwall, in the kitchen area on a low counter with an assortment of food items
Fort Neugrad, on a low counter next to an iron dagger
Fort Snowhawk, one on a shelf behind a bed in a circular sleeping area, another on a cupboard next to a chest
The Katariah, on a low counter in the room used as a pantry area
Mara’s Eye Den, two in a small open crate
Mauhulakh’s Longhouse in Narzulbur, on a corner shelf near the doorway to the chief’s bedroom
Palace of the Kings, Windhelm Barracks, on a shelf in the dorm
The Ratway Warrens, on a small shelf next to a red banner in Esbern’s room
Thalmor Embassy, one on a small wardrobe in a hallway next to some plants, another on a small wardrobe in a hallway across from a cupboard
Understone Keep, near the fire in the kitchen area
Volkihar KeepDG, on a shelf in the alchemy lab area
Carried by Balbus
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
Windhelm Barracks