Wind adn Sand

Wind and Sand


A brief essay about the sands of the Alik’r Desert and their relationship to magic

There are many traditions beyond what we know in Skyrim, and the Collegte at Winterhold does not have a monopoly on magical knowledge. One such tradition outside the scope of natives of Skyrim is the magic of the Alik’r wizard.

Reading by Stu King (@characterwonk)

Stu is one of the hosts of Character Crusade podcast, and the creative engine behind CouchWarrior TV, a Youtube channel dedicated to creating high quality, fully immersive, originally written stories within the Skyrim game. Aptly called a total roleplay experience, his videos will forever change the way you look at Skyrim. To experience Stu’s work first hand, head over to and be sure to subscribe on Youtube.


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Known Locations

  • Radiant location as part of the quest “Wind and Sand.” Dragonborn DLC